by swallowing flies with invasive larvae and by contact of the proboscis of the fly with the surface of the lips of animals, where, under the influence of heat, the larvae tear the proboscis of the fly and actively move into the oral cavity.

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Once in the stomach, they develop to buy aralen pills mature stage in 44-46 days. Flies infested with drache larvae and gabrone usually land on skin scratches and wounds, where the larvae pass into damaged skin, causing the so-called summer ulcers in horses. In addition, larvae from bloody wounds can migrate to the lungs and cause nodular lesions in them. Larvae can enter the respiratory organs through the nasal passages of animals. It should be noted that the larvae of these nematodes do not develop until sexual maturity in the skin and lungs.

  • This invasion occurs everywhere in suckling foals and adult horses, mainly in stables.
  • Infection of aralen occurs only in the summer, and its peak is observed during the active period of development of house flies and autumn zhialok. In the spread of invasion, untimely cleaning of manure and its open storage, as well as infested horses - carriers of helminths, are essential.
  • Drashei penetrate deep into the stomach, where they parasitize for a long time.
  • In this case, tumor-like outgrowths are formed the size of chloroquine egg or more. Inside these formations are helminths. In addition, there is a pyogenic mass inside, which is a product of necrotic decay of the walls of the fistula passages due to the destruction of tumor-like formations. There have been cases of gastric rupture.
Gabronemes, penetrating deep into the gastric mucosa with their head ends, cause a violation of the structure and function of glandular cells. When the larvae of gabronemes and drashes migrate into the lung tissue, then parasitic nodules are formed around the larvae, ranging in size from a pinhead to a hazelnut. Later, in the center of chloroquine online, where the bronchioles are enclosed, a purulent mass is formed and the process ends with calcification. Getting into skin wounds, helminth larvae penetrate deep tissues and cause summer ulcers.

Disease symptoms. The clinical picture of cutaneous habronemosis and drasciosis depends on the intensity of the invasion. When the skin is damaged in the summer, bleeding ulcers 1.0-1.5 cm in size are formed.

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In winter, the process stops, but by summer it can resume. skin swelling and ulcers up to 30 cm in diameter appear in new places. The occurrence of ulcers is accompanied by itching, horses scratch itchy places on all kinds of objects, which leads to bleeding and the formation of new ulcers. When the stomach is affected, signs of gastroenteritis, progressive exhaustion, and sometimes bouts of colic are observed. Periodigestive dysfunction occurs. diarrhea, constipation.